Starting a Business in Princeton

Opening a business in Princeton involves multiple departments depending on a variety of factors. 

  1. Maintain an existing use location (Retail, Service, Office, Restaurant, etc.): Please contact the Zoning Officer, Derek Bridger to confirm that the use is the same as the existing use. 
    1. Any new signage will require Zoning approval. 
    2. If the property is located in a Historic Preservation District, review by the Historic Preservation Commission is required prior to Zoning review. Please contact Elizabeth Kim, Historic Preservation Officer for more information. 
    3. Façade renovations usually require a site plan and Historic Preservation review if the property is located in a Historic District. If there are no variances typically the process is handled as an administrative waiver of site plan. Please contact the Zoning Office to review the scope of work.
  2. New business involving a change of use:  The process for signs, external alterations is the same as referenced above.

  3. Additional contacts for specific businesses are listed below:
    1. Restaurants: Contact the Health Department, Fire Marshall, and the Sewer Department for specific guidance. 
    2. Hair/nail salons: Contact the Health and Sewer Departments.
    3. Laundromats: Contact the Sewer Department.