Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis Fees for Winter 2023/2024

*Registration opens Monday, October 2, 2023 under "2023-2024 Platform Tennis"

Full Membership entitles members to participate in league play. There are both Men's & Women’s leagues available. There are 2 divisions in the men's league (Tuesday - Intermediate & Thursday - Advanced). Men's League play begins in early November.

Associate Memberships are available to those who do not wish to play in formal leagues. Courts are available on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, when league play is not taking place.

Platform Tennis Balls are available for purchase here

2023/2024 Platform Tennis Rules & Regulations available here.


Family: $187/Resident or $355/Non-Resident

Individual Adult (18 & over): $101 Resident or $180/Non-Resident

Individual Child (17 & under): $72 Resident or $128/Non-Resident

Senior Citizens (60+): $72 Resident or $128/Non-Resident


Family: $232/Resident or $440/Non-Resident

Individual Adult (18 & over): $128/Resident or $241/Non-Resident

Individual Child (17 & under): $86/Resident or $153/Non-Resident

Senior Citizens (60+): $90/Resident or $160/Non-Resident

Platform Tennis Paddle Gals - 2023