Princeton Community Renewable Energy Program (PCRE)

The Princeton Community Renewable Energy Program is coming to an end. The contract with Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. ends in December 2021 with the December meter read date.

What to Expect 

In November 2021, if you are enrolled in the program, you will receive a letter from PSE&G stating that your electricity supplier will be automatically transferred back to PSE&G effective with your December 2021 meter reading date. The transfer back to PSE&G happens automatically. There is no action you need to take.

Starting with your December 2021 meter read, the “electric power supply” line item on your PSE&G bill will revert back to the PSE&G “Basic Generation Service” supply charge as it was before June 2020, when the PCRE program began. You will not experience any change in service.

Budget Billing Customers

If you are a budget billing customer and have an equal payment plan with CNE, there will be a final budget bill true-up on your December 2021 PSE&G bill. The final true-up will reflect the difference between what you paid to CNE under the budget plan during the contract and the value of the electricity you actually used. Customers who used less electricity than what was budgeted by CNE will have a credit on the final bill under the contract. Customers who used more electricity than what was budgeted by CNE will owe the balance on the final bill under the contract. 

Regardless, the total charges billed by CNE will reflect what you actually used over the contract period at the contract rate, no more and no less.  

If you have any questions about your final bill under the contract, contact CNE by phone at 1-833-961-0753 or email at, or contact the Municipality’s energy consultant Gabel Associates by phone at 855-365-0770 or via email at

What Comes Next

The municipality may issue a request for proposals for a second iteration of the PCRE program in the near future. The timing depends on when electricity markets are favorable and likely to result in responses from qualified third-party electricity suppliers that offer cost savings or cost parity to PSE&G’s Basic Generation Service supply charges and the highest renewable content possible from local sources. Be sure to follow the Mayor and Council’s Newsletter and the municipality on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor for updates.

Expect Solicitations from Other Energy Providers

You will likely receive solicitation phone calls and letters directly from third-party suppliers offering green energy and different electric rates. Be aware that these solicitations are not associated with the PCRE program. Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. is the only third-party supplier associated with the PCRE program. Unfortunately, some third-party suppliers that rely on direct marketing to enroll new customers target communities with energy aggregation programs like PCRE and may use deceptive advertising.

Important Message to Participants of the Princeton Renewable Energy Program (PCRE) (PDF)

Mensaje Importante Para Los Participantes De Energia Comunitaria Renovable De Princeton Programa (PCRE) (PDF)

给参与者的重要信息 普林斯顿可再生社区能源 程序 (PCRE) (PDF)


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