In-Town Bus Service

Tiger Transit

Tiger Transit - Princeton University's transit system is open to the public and it's free.

Princeton Muni Transit

Princeton's Free Municipal Bus Service continues to be open to the community. The expanded route consists of two (2) loops beginning and ending at the Princeton Shopping Center.  The northern loop is 31 minutes long and the southern loop is 39 minutes long.  The total round trip is 1 hour and 10 minutes.

This service will run Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 9 PM. Muni Transit Schedule

Want to track the bus? Download the Princeton Tripshot app with the QR code or go online to https://princeton.tripshot.com to see where the bus is. 

QR Code

Some of these stops provide connections to New Jersey Transit and Tiger Transit service. 

Out Of Town Bus Service

The following routes go in and out of Princeton:

  • 100 Bus - Daily service from Princeton Shopping Center and Palmer Square to New York City.
  • 600 Bus - Weekday service from Palmer Square to downtown New York City
  • Megabus - Sit back, relax and enjoy free Wi-Fi on your way to and from the Port Authority in New York City.
  • New Jersey Transit Bus 605- Stops include:
    • Market Fair
    • Mercer Mall
    • Montgomery Shop-Rite
    • Nassau Park
    • Princeton Station
    • Quakerbridge Mall
  • New Jersey Transit Bus 606 - Travel to work, connect to New Jersey Transit's River Line at the Trenton Transit Center, or visit the Capital City and rediscover the past. All of that and a lot more of Mercer County to be seen on the 606.
  • Suburban / Coach USA - Suburban offers service from Princeton to New York to New York City (and points in between).

Track Your Ride

Riders can track the location of any TigerTransit online.  Download the TripShot App at the App Store or Google Play. Enter Tiger Transit in the setup. 

Purchase Tickets

New Jersey Transit App - Buy your tickets, plan your trip, and track the real-time status of your bus or train.