Clover Lane-NJAW Project

Project Overview

New Jersey American Water is scheduled to replace the water main and services on Clover Lane to address water main breaks and to provide upgraded fire flows.

Clover Lane Notification with New Jersey American Water (PDF)

View the Clover Lane Neighborhood Meeting Notice for October 6, 2020 Webinar (PDF).

Weekly Project Updates

Clover Lane Update for week of June 28, 2021

Please be advised that New Jersey American Water Company and its contractors will be milling and resurfacing Clover Lane beginning on June 28, 2021. NJAW distributed notices to all affected property owners.  NJAW Pavement Notice Form (PDF)

Clover Lane Update Week 11

All water main installation and service transfers have been completed.  There will be some temporary restoration work done on 1-4-2021. If anyone has concerns or questions please email the contractor at The final top soil and seeding will take place in Spring 2021 as well as the re-paving of Clover Lane. There will be notification sent out prior to the paving being done. 

Clover Lane Update Week 10

Clover Lane 12-21-20 (Week 10) Work Notice (PDF)

Clover Lane Update Week 9

Due to inclement weather, work was canceled today, December 14, 2020.  On Tuesday, 12-15-2020, the contractor will start to transfer services to houses #59, 64, 56, and 51.                   

Last week the contractor skipped six houses on Clover Lane,  #135, 136, 126, 125, 116, 108, due to the discovery of a small leak.  Once the leak is identified, the contractor will make the necessary repairs.  A work schedule update will be provided once the contractor has more information.  

Refer to Week 7 Update on what to expect when your water service is transferred.  

Clover Lane Update Week 8

On Monday 12-7-2020, the contractor will start to transfer houses #204, 205, 94, 195, 184, 185. The contractor anticipates approximately four service transfers a day, weather permitting.  A Service Door Hanger (PDF) will be left on your door the day before the transfer is scheduled.  The contractor will inform you before your water is turned off; water interruption usually lasts 1-2 hours.

Clover Lane Update Week 7

Clover Lane 12-1-20 (Week 7) Notice of Fire Hydrant Installation (PDF)

Clover Lane 12-1-20 (Week 7) Notice Water Main Tie In at Clover Lane and Deer Path (PDF)

Clover Lane 12-1-20 (Week 7) Notice Water Main Installation at Clover Lane and Abernathy Drive (PDF)

Clover Lane 12-1-20 (Week 7) Service Update Door Hanger (PDF) 

On 12-1-20, NJAW contractor Waters & Bugbee will continue with the water main renewal project. They will be working at the intersection of Clover Lane and Abernathy Drive on 12-1-20 and at the intersection of Clover Lane and Deerpath on 12-1-20 and 12-2-20. Listed above are the maps showing the work locations and dates. Between 12-1-20 and 12-3-20, a new Fire Hydrant will be installed near #48 Clover Lane. Map Location is listed above.  

Starting Thursday 12-3-20, the transferring of water service to individual homes will begin starting with  #234, 235,224, 225,215,214,204, and 205. A notice will be left on the door the day before the transfer is scheduled. An example of the Service Door Hanger is listed above. If you see this on your door, your water service will be transferred the next day. The contractor will inform you before the water is turned off. 

This is what you can expect when your water service is transferred to the new water main: 

- After the water service is transferred, there will be air and debris in the water line. When the contractor turns the water back on, most of the air and debris can be flushed using the outside hose spicket, if accessible. 

- If you have multiple floors, flush all faucets on the lower level first then do the higher level next. Bath tubs work best since the tubs don’t have aerators or screens on the faucet. Toilets should be flushed last to prevent any debris getting pulled into them. 

- Washing machines may have some air in the lines. Run them on an empty cold water cycle to prevent staining of any clothes if discolored water is trapped in the lines. 

- Water volume or pressure should not increase or decrease in your homes. The contractor will check with the homeowner to make sure the water transfer was successful.

Clover Lane Update Week 6

Clover Lane 11-23-20 (Week 6) Map and Work Update  (PDF)

For the week of 11-23-2020, if the contractor is working in front of your house and you need to leave between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm, please move your car out of the driveway.  The NJAW contractor will be working Monday through Wednesday of this week and will leave Clover Lane as clean as possible for the Holiday weekend.  By the end of this week, water main installation will be complete. 

Phase #2 will commence on 11-30-2020 and will consist of the transfer of individual service lines from the old water main to the new water main.  There will be water interruptions (usually 1 - 2 hours) during the transfer.  Further information will follow outlining the schedule of service transfers.   Week 6 Picture

Photo of new meter pit and curb stop

Clover Lane Update Week 5

Clover Lane 11-16-20 (Week 5) Map and Work Update (PDF)  -  Attached is the work schedule of week 11-16-2020. The day’s the contractor will be working in front of your homes, you may have to move your car out of the driveway if you will need to leave between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm. If any house will be affected, the contractor will knock on your door to notify you before they block the driveway.

The week of 11-23-2020 we are planning to start transferring water services to individual homes on the first phase of Clover Lane where the contractor started the project near Overbook Drive. We will continue to update you as the contractor makes progress.  

Clover Lane Update Week 4

Clover Lane 11-9-20 (Week 4) Map and Work Update (PDF)

Clover Lane Update Week 3

Clover Lane 11-2-10 (Week 3) Map and Work Update (PDF)

Clover Lane Update Week 2

Clover Lane 10-26-20 (Week 2) Map and Work Update (PDF)

Clover Lane Update Week 1

Clover Lane 10-19-20 (Week 1) Map and Work Update (PDF)