Parking Meter & Mobile Payment Technology

Pay for parking at any of the three-hour or all day meter or pay station from the convenience of your phone by using the Park Princeton app. (15 and 30-minute meters are not available using the mobile app) In addition to the ability to pay for your parking with just the click of a button, you can also set up notifications to alert you when your parking session is set to expire. You can also add time to a parking stay if you have not paid up to the maximum allowed time limit and end your parking session early if you return to your car before your time has expired (you will only pay for the time you were parked). The Park Princeton app is free, however, there is a $0.25 per-transaction convenience fee when using a credit card to pay or a $0.20 transaction convenience fee when using a prefunded wallet. Technical support for the mobile app can be reached at 980-939-0990 or email Help.

How to Use the Park Princeton App

  • Download the Park Princeton app from the Apple Store
  • Create and verify your account by phone number or email address
  • For a parking meter: Enter your zone number and space number from the Park Princeton sticker on the parking meter.
    For a pay station: Enter your zone number and your vehicle license plate number.
  • Confirm your zone, space, and/or license plate number
  • Enter a credit card for payment
  • Start parking and enjoy Princeton! 

My Parking Receipt

My Parking Receipt is a convenient website that allows customers to view, download, and print their parking receipts for parking sessions paid by credit card at any IPS meter.