Employee Parking Permits

General Information

There are several options for employee parking in the downtown, including:

  • 10-hour and 12-hour on-street meters are available throughout the downtown. Consult the Parking Map to see locations.
  • The Spring Street Municipal Parking Garage is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and has similar rates as downtown meters.
  • Maclean Street Yard offers a 12-hour Business Parking Permit based on availability.
  • Many employers offer parking for their employees at their individual locations and through arrangements with privately-owned parking garages.

On Weekends Only

  • Monument Hall parking lot can be used for employee parking on weekends.

Princeton University allows Lot 10 and Lot 10A on William Street to be used by visitors and employees on the weekend during the hours of 6 am to Midnight.