Dog Owners

Leash / Confinement

Residents are reminded that all dogs must be accompanied by and under the control of a responsible person and the dog must be on a leash not to exceed 8 feet in length, 24 hours a day unless confined within its owner's property.

  1. Licensing
  2. Pet Waste


  • $20 for a spayed/neutered dog
  • $23 for a non-spayed/un-neutered dog

Print the license application (PDF) and mail it in or drop it off at the Clerk's office

Proof of Rabies Vaccination & Neuter / Spay

If you are licensing a dog in Princeton, a certificate of rabies vaccination must be supplied and the vaccination may not expire prior to November 1 of the calendar year. If the animal has been neutered/spayed a certificate or other written proof is required in order to be exempt from a $3 surcharge. These certificates will be returned to you.

In order to obtain a license, be sure to enclose a valid rabies vaccination certificate and proof of spaying/neutering, if applicable. New Jersey State law requires that the rabies vaccination cannot expire prior to November 1st of the licensing year.