Black Bears

Princeton Animal Control would like to remind all staff and residents that Black Bears are native to New Jersey and have been sighted in all 21 New Jersey counties. Black Bears are omnivorous and will eat a wide variety of food including fruit, nuts, trash, meat scraps, and more. Recently there was a confirmed report of a Black Bear in the area of Cherry Valley Road and Great road. View some tips to reduce bear-related encounters:

  • Clean any food scraps from grills porches and decks, and keep meet scraps out of compost piles.
  • Immediately remove all uneaten food and bowls used by pets fed outdoors (no food after dark).
  • Never hang bird feeders in easy to reach locations (feeders should be at least 10 feet in the air).
  • Pets should not be fed outdoors unless absolutely necessary.
  • Put out garbage on collection day, not the night before.
  • Secure beehives, livestock, and fruit crops with electric fence.
  • Secure your trash in bear-resistant garbage containers or with tight-fitting lids to reduce odors.
  • Wash garbage containers with disinfectant to remove odors.


Residents should report bear damage, nuisance behavior, or aggressive Black Bears directly to the 24-hour New Jersey Hotline at 877-927-6337 or to the police department. Learn more about bear safety.