Princeton Youth Development Programs


Human Services is dedicated to preventing addiction by engaging and supporting youth through outreach and leadership. Our multifaceted approach to a healthy future includes prevention programs that work directly with the youth in our community to provide them with the support, tools, and skills they need to thrive.

Each of our initiatives are age-specific and work together to create a continuum of service for students from 6th grade all the way through high school graduation.

Early Prevention

Academic Success Today (AST)

  • This academic program matches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Princeton Middle School with mentors from Princeton University. Many of our AST students come from low-income, minority households and are typically referred to us through their school counselors. Mentors provide academic support, social support, and serve as positive role models for students.

Super Teens Acting Responsibly (STAR)

  • STAR is a gender-responsive weekly chat group for girls attending Princeton Middle School. Each week, the girls get together to discuss important topics like wellness, bullying, peer relationships, and substance abuse. The small group setting allows the girls to ask questions freely and without fear of judgment, which means that they gain the knowledge they need to make healthy choices for their futures.


Advocacy for Youth (AYP)

  • Our Advocacy for Youth Project is a year-round initiative designed to equip 9th grade students with the tools they need for a successful transition to high school. Throughout the year, students gain valuable life skills like goal-setting and time management. We take a holistic approach to our students' success by utilizing an evidence-based curriculum and providing individualized guidance and mentorship. Additional program components include service learning projects, community involvement, and tutoring, ensuring that our students are well-rounded citizens equipped for success.

World of Work for Youth (WOWY) and Princeton Youth Project (PYP)

  • We recognize that young men and women face vastly different challenges on their journeys to adulthood. Our WOWY and PYP programs are intentionally designed to be gender-responsive to support the unique needs of students in high school. Our evidence-based program includes job skills training, leadership workshops, tutoring, SAT prep, college tours, and individualized guidance that provides our teens with the tools they need to thrive in the world.

2024-2025 Outreach Applications available here.


Princeton Student Board (PSB)

  • Specifically designed for high school seniors to build essential leadership skills and foster civic engagement. PSB students work together to create fun, drug-free events for their peers, reducing the risk that teens will turn to drugs and alcohol during their out-of-school time. As part of their commitment to civic engagement, select PSB students also join the board of the Princeton Alcohol and Drug Alliance.

Teen Advisory Group (TAG)

  • Comprised of high school students who work together to ensure a health, drug-free future for themselves and their peers. Together with a skilled program facilitator, our TAG students meet weekly for educational sessions on the important topics that affect their lives, like peer relationships, bullying, etc. Additionally, our TAG students are leading the way for their peers by creating presentations for 5th and 8th grade students on the risks associated with alcohol, tobacco, and drug use/abuse/addiction.

Growing Up Accepted as an Individual in America (GAIA)

  • A one-of-a-kind initiative that leverages the dedication and passion of high school students from public and private schools to connect, teach, and facilitate healthy social development in young kids. GAIA students work together to promote peace, stop hate, and combat bullying. To that end, they meet each week to develop impactful workshops and presentations on inclusion, diversity, bullying, etc. which they then present to 2nd and 7th grade students.

2024-2025 Leadership Applications available here.

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