Sewer Bills

All properties connected to the sanitary sewer in Princeton are charged an annual sewer service charge. The annual sewer service charge is calculated based on the volume of water used at each property. Water usage data is used because it can be reliably metered, and there is a strong correlation between the volume of water that comes out of the tap and the volume of water that subsequently goes down the drain. Sewer service charges are calculated based on the total annual water usage or four times the usage in the winter quarter, whichever is lower, to account for irrigation and other recreational water usage that doesn’t contribute to sewer flows. Reducing water usage through behavioral changes and/or by installing low-flow fixtures can reduce sewer bills in subsequent years. Additional information on sewer service charges can be found in the Annual Sewer Service Charge section of the Municipal Code and Ordinance #2022-31.

The Princeton Tax Collector’s Office calculates the annual sewer service charge for each property based on water meter data. The Tax Collector then distributes sewer bills along with property taxes. Any questions relating to sewer bills should be addressed to the Tax Collector’s Office. The tax Collector’s Office can be reached by at 609-924-1058. More information can be found on the Tax Collection page of the Municipal Website.

Water meter data is provided to Princeton from New Jersey American Water (NJAW). If you believe there is a mistake in your water meter data, please contact NJAW at 1-800-272-1325. More information can be found on the NJAW website.