July 2021 - Swamp White Oak

Common Name: Swamp White Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus bicolor

Native Range: North, central, northeastern forests

Height: 50’-60’

Spread: 50’-60’ 

Growth Rate: Medium 

Sun: Full Sun to part shade

Leaf Description: Dark green on top, silver underside. 6” long by 3” wide, simple, 7-10 partially serrated lobes. Leaves persist through winter

Fall Color: Yellow-brown, copper

Flower Timing: Early spring

Flower Description: Yellow pendulous catkin

Fruit: Acorn

Bark Description: Flaking and curling, gray-brown, scaly ridges with deep furrows

Wildlife Benefit: Acorns eaten by birds and other small mammals, tree is used for nesting

Tolerates: Princeton clay soil, compacted soil, drought conditions, wet conditions

Possible Insects: Lace bug, mites, caterpillars

Possible Disease: Anthracnose, leaf spot, cankers

Uses: Shade Tree, Street Tree, Rain Garden Tree

Where to be found on municipal property: 8” specimen in Marquand Park adjacent to Lovers Lane 

Additional Facts:

  • Latin name was derived from having a leaf that has 2 colors. Shiny green on top with a silver underside.
  • Very adaptable shade tree.
  • Wood is very dense and durable. Has been used for construction, cabinet making, and boat building.
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